The Italian Association of Tribology AIT organized the Fourth edition of the AIT’s Summer School on Tribology from September 4th through September 8th 2023 at University of Salerno, Campus in Fisciano - Department of Industrial Engineering.

The Summer School was addressed to master degree and doctoral students, as well as to post-doc students, technical staff of companies/research centres/universities, etc.

The main topics of the summer school were:

History of tribology, measurement of friction, tribometer design and issues

Gearbox lubrication: basic models, gears design, industrial failures

Surface states, tribocorrosion, advanced materials

Contact mechanics, adhesion, wetting

delivered by the following teachers:

prof. dr. Jacek Łubiński | Gdańsk University of Technology - September 4th 9.30-14.30 (Friction induced vibrations in sliding friction, practical exploits of an experimenter, tribology in practice - industrial analyses)
prof. dr. Attila Csobán | University of Pannonia - September 5th 9.30-14.30 (Lubrication of gearbox, modelling, testing, case of failures in industry)
prof. dr. Mihaela Buciumeanu | Dunarea de Jos University of Galati - September 6th 9.30-14.30 (Surfaces and topographic state, elements of contact mechanics, studied cases, analysis of some advanced materials for tribological applications)
prof. dr. Giuseppe Carbone | Politecnico di Bari (President of AIT) - September 7th 9.30-14.30 (Static contacts and sliding of elastic and viscoelestic contacts).

Here a brief collections of Summer School's pictures.